Meg Molenaar | Learning Area Leader – Cross Disciplinary Studies

Future Leaders

As we head into a post Covid-19 landscape, we can see many workplace changes that are likely to become more permanent. Flexible working hours and arrangements, alternative business structures and news ways of doing business all bring with them an array of new issues into the workplace and with it, challenges for the leaders of the future.

While some aspects of leadership, such as setting a vision and executing on strategy, will remain, the future leader will need to possess a new arsenal of skills and mindsets to lead effectively. Bestselling author and keynote speaker Jacob Morgan – author of The Future Leader – recently put together a list of the top 4 mindsets and top 5 skills that future leaders must master.


Global Citizen – Leaders in the future need to understand and appreciate different cultures, seek out and work with diverse teams, know how to work in a variety of world markets and lead employees with diverse backgrounds.

Servant – Leaders in the future will need to have a mindset of service where they practice humility and work to serve all of those around them – customers, teams, their managers and themselves.

Chef – Leaders of the future will need to be able to balance multiple things and bring them all together seamlessly. They will need to embrace technology and use it to create efficiencies, while also caring for the people around them.

Explorer – Leaders of the future need to being willing to step out and embrace the unknown. This involves being open to new ideas and being willing to change direction as the world around them changes. Most importantly, they need to be willing to learn continually.


Coach – Leaders of the future need to be able to coach their teams to motivate, inspire and engage their team members both as a group and as individuals. The best coaches develop their people to be better than them.

Futurist – Leaders of the future need to be open to everything and not surprised by anything. They need to be able to live and adapt to an ever changing world and consider multiple options and scenarios at any time.

Technology Teenager – while many leaders may not be quite as tech savvy as teenagers, they do need to embrace technology and know how to use it to best serve their employees and company.

Translator – Translators are master communicators. Leaders of the future need to be able to listen to understand and do more than hear what people are saying. The need to recognise and use verbal and non-verbal communication. Listening and communication are two timeless aspects of great leadership, yet they are also the two which are changing the most!

Yoda – No they don’t need to use the force, leaders of the future need to be emotionally intelligent. They need to build genuine empathy and self-awareness. A great leader in the future will need to be a great communicator who is able to build real connections.