Adaptive Education

Adaptive Educations supports the full spectrum of needs including students with diagnosed disabilities, students with specific learning difficulties and gifted and talented students.

Located in the Middle School Learning Centre, Paideia, is a purpose-built Adaptive Education Centre with a kitchen, sensory room and meeting areas.

Our Program is well-established and well-resourced with the primary focus to integrate students into the classroom. The majority of support focus is classroom based with withdrawal support on a needs basis, which includes students being involved in literacy and numeracy focus classes.

Students in the Senior School are also supported from this centre through our ongoing use of flexible options, SACE flexible learning, external transition programs and VET programs. 

For students who require extension in their learning we provide a range of options through extra curricular activities, including our stretch program, vertical acceleration and enrichment program and University studies.

I value the P.E. facilities and electives, teachers and friends and the Christian aspect.

Current Student, 2021 Satisfaction Survey