House System

Each student belongs to a Middle School or Senior School Home Group where they begin each day under the caring and watchful eye of their Home Group teacher. Home Groups consist of 18 to 20 students across Years 7 – 9 for Middle School or Years 10 – 12 for Senior School.

Each Middle School Home Group will meet with its paired Senior School Home Group each fortnight, enabling peer mentoring and an eventual smooth transition to Senior School. Students are encouraged to join in all aspects of College life as well as meeting their responsibilities as effective community members.

Each Home Group belongs to a House ‘family’, led by House Leaders, who, together with Home Group teachers, focus on the spiritual, emotional and social development of each student. There are four Houses comprising six Middle School and six Senior School Home Groups.

  • Aroona (AR – blue) meaning ‘running water’
  • Battunga (BA – green) meaning ‘a place of large trees’
  • Moorak (MO – red) meaning ‘mountains’
  • Naturi (NA – yellow) meaning ‘sandy soil’