Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Philosophy

Cornerstone College is a caring Christian community that nurtures within students a growing relationship with Christ which promotes individual excellence, learning and responsibility for life.

We know that students who have quality relationships with each other and their teachers will flourish in their learning. Pastoral Care at Cornerstone is pivotal in promoting a positive and caring educational culture where students feel safe and connected, allowing them to holistically develop and grow. The creative and stimulating learning environment offered at Cornerstone empowers students to recognise their own abilities, achievements and worth, and allows them to thrive. Students, who are valued, cared for and listened to are well equipped to fulfil their academic potential and flourish in life.

Restorative Practices

In seeking to build a safe, caring and positive community at Cornerstone, we use an approach called Restorative Practices, acknowledging that healthy relationships are essential for our lives, our learning and our community.

Restorative Practices encourage a profound fairness and a culture of listening across our school community that brings healing and a sense of connection.

We will use Restorative Practices to help, if your child:

  • is experiencing bullying
  • is having trouble settling in class
  • has broken a school expectation
  • has caused harm to someone
  • has a concern about, or is experiencing conflict with, a teacher or another student
  • feels he or she has been unfairly treated.