Teenage parties provide young people with valuable opportunities to develop a range of social skills that they need to relate effectively with their peers. As they get older drugs and/or alcohol are likely to become a part of these social gatherings and, unfortunately, things can go wrong.

Join us on Tuesday, 4 September in Atelier Theatre, as Paul Dillon helps parents to navigate some of these issues, sharing practical tips and guidance whilst also referring to research outlining what we know about school-based young people and their use of alcohol and drugs.

Do you know your responsibilities according to the new laws governing the service of alcohol to minors? https://www.cbs.sa.gov.au/assets/LAR/liquor-gambling/Liquor-reform/FAQ-for-parents-supply-of-alcohol-to-minors.pdf

All members of the community are welcome to this very special presentation.

BOOK HERE: https://www.trybooking.com/XNQV